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We provide intelligent solutions that are cost effective to businesses looking to adapt new technologies and processes. We redefine the future of organisations by offering training and consultancy.



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An Overview About Us

Succeeded by a team of Inventors, we believe that robots will lead the future of endless possibilities and innovation. The team has diverse experience in Aerial Robotic Technology. We come with professional skill-set of over 25 years in aviation and consulting. Our past projects are focused on government, commercial and infrastructure drone-based projects.

 Our expertise is in customising drone technology that will change the business operations. We provide our clients with a custom design on drone programmes. 

Clients can indirectly benefit from cost-effectiveness and works well with large group of organizations and commercial companies such as Offshore Operation for Oil and Gas Industry, Commercial Aviation, Setup Flying Organization, and many others in providing Safety Management System, Risk Assessment, Setup Critical Operations and Audits, and many customisable services.


Years Established


Unmanned Aerial Robotics Institute

Aerial Robotics Asia provides a complete range of training courses for Remote Pilot Aircraft System (RPAS). All our programmes provide our students with the most in-depth and professional online training courses as well as onsite training.


Remote Pilot Aircraft System (RPAS) Training Programme

This technical course is designed for industries in Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Surveillance Construction, and Engineering professionals, Agricultural, Environmental Inspections, Urban Planning and Public Safety.


Our structured programme aims to develop professional aviation personal as a career path enhancement in aviation and provide Industry-required training to meet the strict demands of the aviation industry.


Our professional trainings are very relevant to maritime personal to meet the ever growing demands of the maritime industry and maritime-related industry.

Oil and Gas

This unique programme is designed to train personnel in the Oil & Gas industry.  It cover every technical discipline, learning style and level of competency needed at the right depth. 

Corporate Partners

Supported by MUDAS

Malaysia UAV Drones Activist Society

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.”

John Maxwell

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